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Why AARP Home Owner Insurance?

Being a member of AARP allows you to get excellent insurance packages for your home as a perk to members. Here are just a few of the various advantages that are offered.

You will get a clause in your home owner's insurance that guarantees you can renew it for life. After 60 days of coverage it can't be canceled unless you don't pay your premium. This insurance packages offers more for replacing damaged items in your home that most other insurance plans out there. This is because they don't penalize you for things like depreciation on your clothing and furnishings as other insurance companies like to do. This means you will get enough money to pay to replace the damaged items with new ones without having to pay for part of the expense on your own.

The AARP insurance package will be customized so that you can add everything you need under the same policy including coverage for earthquakes, hail storm, and wildfires. The types of coverage offered are broader than other companies give. To find you more about the different AARP homeowner insurance options available check out their website.

You will find information regarding the insurance benefits and phone numbers to call if you would like to talk with a real person. They can help you answer specific questions regarding the coverage they offer in your area. In many cases changing to AARP homeowner's insurance gives you better coverage for less money.

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Tina :
Posted 99 days ago
You have to have your insurance and dotcor change your address in their records. I got my own insurance and live on my own. The insurance has my new address but the dotcor didnt. So I had to make sure both were changed.
Galen Crandall Jr. :
Posted 371 days ago
Since the Hartford will not insure manufactured homes such as "double-wides" or "modules" (even though they are safer than many rapidly built stick buildings) I was directed to Foremost. It would have been a savings of about $165.00 over my present insurance the on-line procedure has been a horror story. I wanted written proof that they had received my down payment by E-mail. Nothing they sent was possible to bring up on my PC.I received a phone call promising to get the information to me. It did not happen. I have E-mailed them demanding a return of my down payment and a stop and desist of my application. One reason for canceling is that it is evident Foremost, a unit of Farmers, has not the ability or know-how to be able to respond properly. I can imagine the frustration if a claim had to be made. Foremost might do okay for motorcycles or trailers (the don't even mention regular manufactured homes on their introduction) but they are out to lunch when called on to provide something as simple as proof of insurance.
It's too bad the Hartford doesn't recognize the quality of manufactured housing now built compared to regular(stick built) housing.
Respectfully, Galen Crandall Jr.

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